Learning online is one of the best ways to improve your English. It is exactly the same as taking one-to-one private lessons with a teacher. The only difference is that you are not physically in the same room. On the other hand, you see your teacher, and talk to her as you would normally do in a classroom environment.

Learning online saves you a great deal of time and energy especially because there is no travelling involved. You can take the lessons from your office or home. If you are travelling for work,  you can still attend your scheduled lessons as long as you have your computer with you and have an internet access.

Online English lessons are especially suitable for those who have busy work schedules, and looking to improve their communicative skills in English especially  Speaking and Listening.


Question: Will I be studying grammar during Skype lessons?
Answer: Grammar is not skipped, but handled differently. From the speaking practices we find out what grammar points you need to improve. If you are happy to focus on these grammar points, you are then given some video lessons to watch in your own time. In the lesson you summarise your understanding of these grammar points and ask questions if you have any. However, we do not study grammar a great deal. Alternatively, you could watch these videos in your own time and if you are satisfied with your understanding, there is no need to talk about them in the lessons.

Question: Do you do writing and reading in the lessons?
Answer: No. The lessons focus on improving your speaking and listening skills. Sometimes learners wish to discuss their business emails that they have previously written. These are more than welcome, because you will still be practising speaking, however there is no actual writing practice in the lesson. With regards to reading, there could be occasions where you might be given a few sentences or a short paragraph to read. But again, this is only to prepare you for the speaking practice. 

Question: How many lessons should I book?
Answer: You need to sign up for 10 hours in advance.