These lessons are ideal if you need to improve your grammar, build vocabulary, practise speaking and writing. In the lessons, you will be working in pairs and groups and take part in various activities which are fun and interesting.

Depending on the needs of the learners in the group, it is possible to include Business English topics in the lessons as well preparation for job interviews.


Business English courses will help you improve your communicative skills in your business settings. Needs Analysis is crucial for deciding what to include in your course and I tend to design the Business English courses by discussing your needs along with my own views as to what needs to be explored so that you could get the most out of your program.

Those who come to me for Business English lessons tend to have clients from different parts of the world and Listening tends to be a challenging skill for many. I always make sure I include listening materials that are specific to your business settings. These materials are, in most cases, authentic listening materials which means they are exactly how English speakers use the language in their business settings. I do a lot of research in order find the most useful materials which will help you get exactly what you need to improve your skills in English. I am always aware how precious time is and my aim is to maximise your learning in the shortest period of time possible.

For some business professionals, writing is an important skill as they have a lot of written correspondence with their clients. If this is the case, I also analyse your writing and offer feedback and correction.

The unpredictability of spoken English means that one needs to develop various strategies in order to cope with the challenges spoken communication in English. This requires a positive mindset, playfulness, vocabulary work and a lot of listening and speaking practice. In order to achieve these, I aim to create a relax and friendly but at the same time intensive and to the point sessions.


The purpose of the lessons is to increase your chances of getting hired for the positions you desire.

In the lessons, in particular, we explore the commonly asked questions that are unique to job interviews. We extensively practice answering these questions and help you speak with the interviewer with ease.

As well as focusing on the language, register and tone, we work on making your speaking natural. Stress is a common problem during job interviews and can affect your overall performance greatly. Therefore, we work on strategies that will help you deal with stress efficiently and eliminate it completely when possible.

Every learner is different and has different strengths and weaknesses. Interview Preparation Lessons are all about finding out what we need to work in order to develop your communicative skills and maximise your chances of getting job offers.


If you are required by UKVI to take an English exam in order to prove your level of English as part of your visa or settlement application, you can take lessons which are specifically designed to help you reach the level you need in order to pass these exams. Depending on your application, you may be required to be at A1 or B1 levels. The exams applicants asked to take are usually IELTS for UKVI, IELTS Life Skills and GESE. Please get in touch if you need to take an English exam as part of your application to UKVI.


Exam Preparation courses offer intensive skills practises in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening and introduce a number of exam techniques to help learners reach the maximum score possible.

Every learner is different and have different needs in order to pass their exams. The lessons are tailored to the learners’ individual needs.

Unlike other courses, exam preparation courses require learners to do a certain amount of homework, especially in writing and reading.

Single Sessions For Cambridge IELTS, CAE and FCE Exams
In the session, I conduct a full mock exam for the speaking module of IELTS, FCE or CAE.  I record the exam and provide you with an in depth analysis of your speaking, with specific comments on your pronunciation, grammar, range of vocabulary, fluency and accuracy. I point out any specific issues that you need to work on, correct and make suggestions.
Single Sessions For Interview Preparation  and General Assessments
If you are preparing for a job interview in English, you could consider taking advantage of this service. In the session, we role-play a job interview which is relevant to your setting. Prior to the role-play, we discuss various possibilities and do's and don'ts in an interview. Following the role-play, I provide you with an in dept analysis of your speaking and I point out any areas which you might need to watch out for in order to create the best impression and be successful at getting a job offer.

I offer the following exam preparation studies:

IELTS  (International English Language Testing System) Academic and General Modules– University of Cambridge ESOL Examination.

IELTS Life Skills for those who need to meet the language requirements for UK Visas and Immigration for certain visa categories.

FCE (First Certificate in English) – University of Cambridge ESOL Examination

CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) – University of Cambridge ESOL Examination

Students who want to prepare for CAE exam are required to be at an advanced level in order to undertake the exam preparation course.