Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Yesim Begen and I am a qualified English teacher with about 15 years experience.

I believe that we are all good language learners, without exception. Our challenge is to find out what makes us tick, help us learn more efficiently and have a more pleasant experience. Surely the solutions are different for everyone and my job is to provide you with the possibilities that will maximise your learning and help you speak more fluently and confidently in English.

I offer private English lessons for companies and individuals and teach Business English and General English. I also prepare students for Cambridge Exams IELTS, CAE and FCE. I also post videos and articles on different aspects of learning English. Please make use of the materials and subscribe to my youtube channel.


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People from all walks of life try and improve their skills in the language. But for many, English is a problem that they haven’t figured out how to solve. What makes language learning difficult? Is the problem really learning vocabulary and grammar? Or is it a question of finding people to practise your English with? What does it take to learn English easily, and speak confidently?

You will find all the answers to these questions in my new book 'Speak English with Confidence and Joy'

Yesim Begen

Tips for learning languages effectively

1- Rome was not built in a day: Take it easy, learn something little every day. Consistency works much better than trying too hard and getting exhausted in a short period of time.

2- Do not compare yourself to others: Focus on your own progress only. never compare your ability and progress to others. Don’t assume that others are doing better than you do. Comparing is de-motivating and will not help you make a better progress.

3- Own Your Learning: Learning a language is a personal journey. Take charge of your own learning. Use any help you get, but remember that your learning does not depend on others.

4- Embrace mistakes: Accept that while you are improving your skills in a new language, you will be making mistakes. It is normal and it is ok to make mistakes. When you notice your mistakes or if someone helps you see your mistakes, use these as learning opportunities because that’s really what they are.

5- Speak the language: If you want your skills in a new language to be excellent and if you want to communicate in that language confidently and easily, then you really need to speak it a lot. It is not possible to acquire a language just by taking lessons, studying and reading books. You need to interact with people in different settings. Make use of every opportunity to speak and communicate with others.


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