– The group courses are for 10 week periods.

– There are minimum 4, maximum 6 participants in each group.

– The cost for a 10 week course is £160 each learner.

– Each lesson is 90 minutes long.


Building vocabulary, improving your grammar and correction are the usual parts of your lessons. You will take part in various classroom activities. You will be working in pairs, in groups and as a whole class, join in discussions, and improve your skills in all 4 areas, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. You will practise requesting information and communicating effectively in different settings.

The courses are planned based on the needs of the learners in each group. Depending on level, ability and the needs of the learners in the group, the following could also be included in your programs: a. Focus on job interviews, b. Preparation for immigration language exams. (For example IELTS Life Skills and GES, c. Preparation for Life in the UK test and d. Driving in the UK


The Avenue, St. Luke’s Avenue, Ramsgate

(Opposite St. Luke’s Church)


If you are interested in these English classes, please contact Yesim on or on 07531 709 746. You will be invited to the Open Days in December and have a chance to sit your level test.  

07531 709 746