Terms and Conditions

Private English Lessons
Definition Skype lessons and face-to-face lessons are both classified as ‘Private Lessons’. Private Lessons could be taken as one-to-one, in pairs or small groups. 1 lesson could be booked as 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes. Different fees apply for different packages.

Communication: The learner is responsible for communicating with the tutor in a professional and timely manner at all times.

Tuition Fees Tuition fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the courses. All bank charges are paid by the learners/sponsors. Fees are revised twice a year. All future bookings are subject to new terms and conditions. Registration fees: Registration fees are charged for each student once only. Registration fees are not refundable.

Holidays There are usually no lessons during Public Holidays and Christmas period, unless previously agreed. For group lessons, there are also no lessons during school holidays unless previously agreed by all learners in the group. Tutor Absence: The tutor reserves the right to miss a lesson due to illness or professional commitment. In such circumstances, the learners will be offered a make up lesson at a convenient time.

Attendance – Group Lessons A learner who signs up for group courses must complete their lessons within the time period that is initially set out. No refund or make up lesson is offered for missed lessons.

Attendance – One-to-One Lessons It is the learner’s responsibility to turn up at the scheduled lessons on time. Late arrivals and last minute cancellations are not compensated for. A minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation is required in order to carry forward the sessions at no extra cost.

Rescheduling This section applies to only One-to-One lessons. Learners are expected to attend the lessons at the hours that are initially set out. In certain circumstances, re-scheduling is allowed for one-to-one lessons. In such situations, the learner must communicate with the tutor immediately and re-schedule the lesson within the same week, if the tutor agrees to do so. In rare circumstances, the tutor might agree to reschedule a lesson at a later date. However, this is completely at the discretion of the tutor. If the learner frequently request re-scheduling causing unreasonable amount of administrative work, the tutor reserves the right not to reschedule any more lessons.